Our Curriculum

1. Bring emphasis on Islamic values

Knowledge, values and skills based on the concept of Oneness of Allah, and integrating the principles and proofs in the Quran

2. Personality development

Emphasis on the moulding of the heart, mind and spirit of the individual child to develop Islamic akhlaq, adab, mindset and personality

3. International standards

Curriculum materials from UK, Australia, Middle East, Malaysia and Singapore. Learning in an environment of multiple languages-English, Arabic and Malay

4. Creative and Critical Thinking across the curriculum

Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation

5. Technology-savvy

Learning portals, Multimedia, Educational ERP

6. Co Curriculum essential

  • Sunnah driven activities- archery, swimming, horse-riding.
  • Martial arts for discipline and self defence
  • Islamic arts – performing arts, fine arts, khat
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