Raudhatus Safa



The mission of Raudhatus Safa is to provide a nurturing environment where children discover and develop their potentials through fostering healthy relationships, enjoyable learning and memorable experiences under the guidance of loving and responsible educators, committed to uphold Islamic principles and adaab.


The basic objective of Raudhatus Safa is to provide a quality pre school educational experience for children under age six using key principles and methodologies in early childhood education within the parameters of the Quran and Sunnah. This basic objective can be subdivided into:

1) the spiritual objective- is to guide each child to develop the love for Allah the Creator, His prophets and His creations. The love will be the basis for all good deeds and moral standards, manifested in external behaviours that embody noble values

2) the physical objective- is to provide numerous and varied opportunities for children to develop their sensorimotor skills such that appropriate muscle and coordination development facilitate healthy growth

3) the cognitive objective- is to facilitate each child in acquiring the fundamentals of learning. In this process, language and communication are key, and our focus is to guide students through an academic curriculum that will provide them with the necessary skills to develop intellectually

4) the socio-emotional objective- is to provide an environment that is conducive to the development of a positive personality that strives to uphold the moral character of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) in intrapersonal and interpersonal dimensions.

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