Azrinah Abu Basari

Azrinah Abu Basari

Academic Consultant


Overall experience in education

About Me

Other Positions:
a. Chairman of Board of Governors
b. Teaches IGCSE English and Islamiyat

Education Background:
a. Master of Education (the teaching of Islamic Education), IIUM 2000
b. LLB (Honours), IIUM, 1993

a. 20 years of teaching IGCSE
b. 10 years of homeschooling 4 children in a range of levels from preschool to IGCSE
c. Has trained educators in private schools in Malaysia and Indonesia for the past 15 years

Hope for the ummah:
The next Muslim ummah to be spiritually grounded in the teachings of Quran and Sunnah,
Sincere and committed in their search for truth and knowledge,
Able to form or uphold sound and principled viewpoints based on Islamic tenets,
Demonstrate exemplary traits such as mercy, loyalty, self- discipline and respect in all domains of their lives,
And actualise Mount Safa’s vision of giving benefit to others with the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

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