Haizul Bin Samsuddin

Haizul Bin Samsuddin

Vice Principal Admin


Overall experience in education

About Me

Other Positions:
a. Finance Manager
b. Human Resource Manager

Education Background:
a. Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance), Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

a. 12 years of experience in Finance and Accounts Sector
b. 7 years of experience handling youth leadership camp/programme

Hope for the ummah:
The next Quranic generations must have the love of Quran in their hearts and strive to their best capabilities to seek knowledge about this Deen and most importantly practice it in their daily lives. The next Quranic generation must understand that the sole purpose of our creation is to worship Allah swt and Islam teaches us that all actions can become an act of worship with correct intention. Finally, I would love to see unity in this ummah, where all Muslims are united regardless of their race, nationality and political views.

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